All Features Included, No Matter How Many Children Are in Your Care


A Plan for Every Childcare

  • 0-25 Children
  • 26-50 Children
  • 51-75 Children
  • 76 Plus Children
$ 1.40/Child
0-25 Children
$ 1.30/Child
26-50 Children
$ 1.13/Child
51-75 Children
$ 1.05/Child
76 Plus Children

Everything you need to run your
childcare smoothly & efficiently

Attendance Tracking

Sign children in and out using our web kiosk or mobile phone

Classroom Activities

Log notes, photos, events and more right in the classroom

Child Care Billing

The easiest and fastest way to create invoices

Family & Staff Profiles

Complete Classroom, Family and Staffing management tools

Photos and Updates

Share special moments with parents throughout the day

Online Payments

Receive payments faster by accepting them online or through our app

Online Registrations

Build custom forms that are simple and effective

Instant Messaging

A fast, simple, and secure way to communicate with parents

Detailed Reports

Track your growth with hundreds of reports

Time is Money
Save Both
Unlimited Support, too.
Frequently Asked Questions

Childcare Software App is a free download for parents and daycare providers on any iOs, android or Apple devices.

You don’t need any special software to run Childcare Software. You can use iPads/iPhones, Android phones/tablets, kindle, or a computer to use Childcare Software to communicate with parents, track attendance, track enrollment, health assessment/allergy information, manage family-child data etc.

YES. As parents of young kids are the primary users of Childcare Software app, security of information was a fundamental design factor. Therefore we are using industry leader Amazon Web Services for data hosting to make sure all parents will be comfortable using Childcare Software.

Yes! You’ll even receive a discount if you switch to an annual plan.

No Hidden Fees: no set-up fees, no cancellation fees, no support fees—nada.

Absolutely. It’s easy to cancel your account completely. If you decide to move on, we’ll stop charging you and wish you the best.

In order to import your data, all you have to do is send your data to us and we will have you onboarded in no time!

Yes, we do! We have a 2450 form directly built into our software, so you can keep track of your NCI children and go paperless!

During the onboarding process, we will have our certified trainers teach your staff the ins and outs of our software, so it will be a smooth transition for your daycare!

Need to talk it though?

Our support team is here to answer any question.